Christmas is coming, the work is piling up!

OK, my first blog ever, and the only reason for its mere existence is that I have to teach my year 12 IT students how to create and use a blog in two days time. “Great!” I say – because I am not busy enough… I also have to think of some possible and plausible reasons for my year 12 students to be creating a blog in order that they are ‘choosing’ the correct and most appropriate ‘industry standard IT technology’ in order to communicate! Quite a mouthful… try teaching it!

So, this blogging business – not just for tecchies either is it? Being the least tecchie IT teacher I know (or probably on this planet) I have had to do some research into what sort of thing a person would resonably put into a blog. These are some of my (brief) research results:

What to blog about?

Things that make people ‘tick’

Hobbies (eg. baking, fishing, line dancing)

Life and life stories or major life events (eg. having a baby or coping with an illness)

Something educational (eg. if you are an expert on teaching the new Cambridge Technicals in IT)

Religious beliefs

Holidays (kind of like a holiday diary)

Quite frankly,  I’m sure the list is endless, but hopefully this could inspire my year 12s…

So, why put it in a blog? – this guy has summed it up pretty nicely… Thanks Brian Gardner.

Right – so by the time my year 12 students are reading this, and finding it possibly informative; (I’m sure they’ll let me know if it isn’t) they should already have been shown how to create one, using word press. Which, by the way, is very good (and easy) – thanks for the recommendation, Lisa!

If I add to this – it probably means I have got far to much time on my hands. It would be quite amusing to post some more info about teaching this course though – as there does seem to be a shortage of practical guidance on the delivery of unit 1!

That’s all for now. Bye!



22 thoughts on “Christmas is coming, the work is piling up!

  1. I think that Brian Gardener missed a huge reason for blogging, to express one’s self. We all need an outlet and I suspect the use of blogs varies across age groups. This site explains it well but I’d say people’s comments are just as interesting:
    Blogging rules, but unless you’re a business then it’s almost pointless if you’re not doing it for yourself.
    Discussion groups are also a good way too to drive debate but similar to blogs, once someone’s opened up then they might not like the response (with online abuse/bullying the obvious extreme).
    Private blogs are a good tool to start with, almost like writing a diary nobody else reads. It’d be good to see what topics your year 12s come up with though, good luck!

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