Making a Chocolate Fruit Cake (again, a bit like Nigella)

Last weekend I had my Gran coming to stay, so I wanted to bake something special as a centrepiece. She likes fruit cake, but I can’t beat her on fruit cake – hers are legendary. So I looked for a recipe that would be a bit different to the usual. This is the recipe I followed: It is from Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen. The results are shown below:

2012-12-15 21.58.40

It misbehaved a bit, I have to say. The cooking time didn’t seem nearly long enough – I followed the instructions exactly, and when I was transferring the cake to stand I could feel the bottom starting to prolapse! I put it back in the tin and back in the oven for a bit longer, and then let it cool down again – when I cut into it it was cooked – though it was far too moist to be really called ‘cake’ – it was the exact texture and consistency of Christmas Pudding! I would have preferred to serve it warm with brandy butter I think… Never mind – the leftover cake I have rolled into balls and coated in chocolate to make into what I call ‘Mini Christmas Chocolate Bombs’ – and the remaining left overs I think I will use to make Christmas pudding muffins … mmmm 🙂 Might try this recipe




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